Review - Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

Hans in his book Factfulness showed us how many positive things have happened and continue to happen in our lives and how we can observe them if we just look at the data!

This 'overly' optimistic (or opportunistic) view of the world that Hans promotes in his book could be mistaken for naivety, conspiracy, or complacency. I have read several negative reviews about Hans's view of the world and about this book and I do not agree with the majority of those comments. I think this positive way of observing change is truly a humanitarian view that requires a great deal of effort, courage, and determination to have, let alone to educate about which is something that Hans spent a great deal of his life doing. 

I look at Hans sometimes like this salmon fish that is swimming against the current of negativity that governs our daily conversation. Albeit I might find some of Hans's views on certain things are not 100% accurate and I do disagree with him on several occasions, he did not claim he is "Mr. Know-It All" or anything of a sort and maintained an open dialogue with all his critics.  

The examples he gave of the 10 gaps helped me and encouraged me to follow a more evidence-based approach to every news piece I read, every speech I listen to, and every thought I have. This book taught me to look for the majority rather than just the extreme cases. I learned not to generalize, to be patient, and to stay positive. Most importantly, I learned to have empathy and to stay curious.

Factfulness cover

Thank you, Hans!